The "Diversity-Index" is a curated list of grants, scholarships and FA encouraging diversity in STEM fields among half the world's population - Women!

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Women are half the world's population and despite the uproar over the lack of diversity in the Computer Science field, they hardly get any financial support for higher studies or opportunities to attend conferences. There are attempts to bridge this gap with grants in highly developed nations, especially in North America, Europe and other first-world countries. There are hardly any avenues for helping women from low- and middle-income countries living in the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) as defined by the United Nations (UN).

This repo is an attempt to measure the international diversity index when we talk of diversity and women - words that should encompass women from all over the world, but a disparity of unequal proportions is created when diversity grants and financial aid opportunities are restricted to women who are citizens of the first-world developed countries that have a higher earning parity based on their gross national income (GNI). Altruism to women who already enjoy facilities and privileges that women living in a third world country dont have access to, nor dream of, creates a dichotomy of unequals and this invisible inequality is deliberately ignored and never quantified by women-in-tech groups and the situation is worse in FOSS.

FOSS projects have a "diversity" scarcity problem made more prominent due to the lack of a CoC, rather the reluctance to adopt one and implement it uniformly across all online FOSS communities within every country, resulting in a free pass to sexism, misogyny and online harassment, thereby directly impacting diversity. It is a known fact that merely adopting a CoC does NOT create a safe space for conference attendees, so its easy to imagine how easily this problem gets magnified in online spaces with 24x7x365 interactions, thereby ensuring a silent leaky pipeline problem wherein existing women who leave Foss/ tech due to misogyny, harassment, subtle sexism and/or unequal pay and promotions are either never accounted for, or remain silent due to the lack of a support system.

The diversity-index is a curated list of grants, scholarships, travel bursary and/or financial aid offered to women (including those who identify as women in a way that's significant to them) from ALL around the world, by conferences and companies sponsoring education to encourage diversity in STEM fields among half the world's population. To measure diversity accurately, lets first quantify how much help is actually available to women across the world from the following pages:




Please submit a pull request (PR), if you wish to list any company, conference, foundation or organization that funds diversity initiatives for women.

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