Daemon scripts for system (install/update) automation scripts, dockerfiles & dotfiles by @svaksha !

This project is maintained by svaksha


My personal automation daimons!

Each time I installed and set up a new machine it was hard to remember every configuration setting I had changed and which packages I had installed over the years on the stable version of my Debian machine. Doing this manually was a huge time-sink and an error-prone process resulting in annoying discrepancies and worse, dependency-hell.

Enter YAKSHA, meaning "demon" in Sanskrit. These are my personal automation daimons (daemons?) for Linux system installation, updation, backups, bash shell scripts, dockerfiles, dotfiles and configuration files. Standardizing my development environment by automating the installation process and organizing the various developer tools was addictive fun!

Change is the only constant in life, so as a programmer I constantly change and (try to) improve the configurations and dotfiles in my attempt to keep optimizing the repo organization for ease of maintainence and extensibility. Config and dotfiles are meant to be personally customized for individual requirements, hence unique, but if you wish to use this repository code and these configs, follow the installation instructions.


To try out these program scripts & dotfiles, fork this repository, review the code, and remove the things you don’t require. Test them before use and most importantly, read the License & Disclaimer : No warranty and/or guarantee for any particular use, express or implied and you agree to use these automation daimons at your own risk and liability!

System Dependencies

At the outset, your Debian machine should have the following core tools installed : Git and Python. Github offers HTTPS and SSH as transfer protocols or the repo can be downloaded as a zip-file (latest 'master' branch). Tip: You should have uploaded your ssh key to github and have git installed locally before issuing the git commands on the terminal.

git clone ssh://github.com/svaksha/yaksha.git

The yaksha repository tree for is structured as below:

1. Programs

2. Folders

~/yaksha/yksh/ : Scripts for installing OS applications and the package dependencies.

~/yaksha/yak : System update (upgrade) and backup scripts.



Any suggestions for improvements are welcome via BR's !